Meet the Mill City Team!

Steve Miller

Born and raised in St. Cloud MN, Steve is the president and master electrician of Mill City Electric Co. Out of high school, Steve knew he wanted to be an electrician. Always tinkering with a scrap stereo or fine-tuning his battery-powered cars, it seemed like a good fit. Plus, he's like 8ft tall. Steve attended St. Cloud Technical College for his degree in Electrical Construction Technology and graduated in 2005. Shortly after moving to Minneapolis, Steve met his future sidekicks Brendt and Monte. Steve enjoys the ups and downs of owning a small business, and considers himself very lucky to have his Mill City team by his side. He lives in Burnsville with his pooch, Lexi.

Brendt Nelson

The sign doesn't lie. Brendt's favorite activity is smiling. Brendt and Steve worked together as apprentice electricians in the past. Years later, they reunited to work together again at Mill City Electric. Brendt lives in Pine City with his family and two dogs. Each day, he braves the daunting task of driving into the big city. Brendt is also a firefighter for the Pine City Fire Department. When he's not taming the high voltages, or saving the world from ferocious flames, Brendt enjoys hunting or relaxing in front of the TV.

Monte Lowry

Monte is the electrical code guru of Mill City Electric Co. Monte, Brendt, and Steve worked together in their younger years. Now, they've joined forces again at Mill City to wire the world one light switch, ceiling fan, and circuit breaker at a time. Monte is a graduate of Anoka Technical College with a degree in Electrical Construction Technology. On a nice day, you might find Monte exploring the back roads on his motorcycle. He currently resides in Columbia Heights.

Chris Peterson

Chris moved to the Minneapolis metro area and met Steve right out of college. During his first year, with his luscious long brown locks, Steve knew he had great potential. Years later, Chris is the lead salesman at Mill City Electric. Chris graduated from Northwest Technical College in Bemidji with a degree in Electrical Construction Technology. He lives in Richfield with his family and pup. In the summer, Chris spends as much time as possible on the boat with his family and friends on beautiful Rainy Lake in International Falls.

Sam Rutz

Sam is a retired Berry Blendz smoothie artisan. He stepped into the big game of construction and joined the Mill City Electric team while still in school, working every Friday that he had available. In addition to electrical installations, Sam is the low-voltage and fiber optic specialist at Mill City. Sam graduated from Dakota County Technical College in 2020 with a degree in Electrical Construction Technology. He currently lives in Brooklyn Center. Sam is an easy-going guy that is known for his catch phrase..."Sweeeeet".

Victor Tokman

A graduate from Dakota County Technical College, Victor joined the Mill City Electric team in the spring of 2021. Victor enjoys sunshine, kittens, and long walks on the beach. (Actually, I think he prefers dogs) In his spare time, you'll find Victor experimenting with new delicious recipes on the grill or smoker. The chef of Mill City Electric! Victor resides in Minneapolis.

Wyatt Johnson

Wyatt graduated from the Dunwoody College of Technology in 2021. He joined forces with the Mill City team that spring. On the weekends, you'll find Wyatt in a boat, in a tree stand, in a fish house, or just about anything outdoors. Wyatt enjoys making delicious foods from all of his harvested wild game. A man of no fears. Wyatt lives in Pine City.